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Still for essential-oil E2-55 Premium Plus Model 2023

DESTILLIERMEISTER E2-55 Premium Plus - Top Model 2024

Legal and registration-free stainless steel still optimized for the distillation of essential oils with a large capacity for flowers and leaves

30 ml Essential Oil in 9 Minutes

The report-free DESTILLIERMEISTER E2 - 55 Premium Plus Model 2024 has been revised again. The stand is now manufactured in such a way that the kettle can be removed from the system to refill it with plants or water and the cooling system with riser pipe and lid remains standing. Working will therefore become faster and therefore more economical. The next distillation can start within a few minutes.

Everything else had already been improved in the 2022 model. The pre-condenser for the pressure loss-free transition to liquefy the steam into the cooler has been designed to be longer and bent. The distillate cooler is now designed in a winding shape instead of the bulky Liebig cooler and is still longer. This means that the entire system is significantly more compact and the cooling water consumption has been significantly reduced thanks to the overall longer cooling length. The kettle has the legally permitted bubble size of 2 liters, but the plant tube has a total volume of a whopping 5.5 liters. This makes it probably one of the largest legal and registration-free distilleries for essential oils. The riser pipe of the Premium model is insulated to minimize drip losses. This means that the premium model is optimized for the extraction of essential oils and hydrosols.
The steam is liquefied in the pre-condenser, so that the cross-sectional reduction occurs when it passes into the final cooler without any pressure loss. Note: Pressure losses in the piping system act as a pressure increase in the plant pipe, so the steam has to work against a pressure mountain. This leads to hydrosol and oil dripping back, which leads to significant losses. This also increases the temperature in the plant tube because the boiling point increases. This damages the essential oils and reduces their quality.

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"CopperGarden®" 0.5-liters capacity column still

"CopperGarden®" 0.5-liters capacity column still

Unique! Quality versatile wide column still with a detachable column: for distilling essential oils and alcohol. Fast delivery.

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