Accessories for distilling

Buffalo induction hob

Useful equipment and things for distilling

Accessory set with pump for stailess-steel stills up to 10 literes

This set includes everything you need to ferment 30 liters of mash or to be able to distil immediately and seriously with our 2 liter stainless steel stills.
We would like to point out to our German customers that the fermented mash may not be distilled by private individuals in Germany.

  1. 30 liter plastic bucket as mash or cooling water reservoir.

    1. Fermentation attachment for plugging into the lid with a sealed hole.

    2. Outlet tap for mash extraction.

  2. Powerful 230 volt cooling water pump with accessories for different hose diameters, sufficient for all our stainless steel stills up to 10 liters.

  3. Various PVC hoses of 2m each, including 2 hoses with hose screw connections for the still cooler. In addition, 3 hoses of different thicknesses for different applications.

  4. Plastic tap for cooling water regulation, suitable for the walking flow cooler.

  5. Graduated 100 ml measuring cylinder with foot to be able to safely collect and measure the distillate.

  6. Cleaning brush.

  7. Floating thermometer for checking the cooling water if you let the hot waste water run back into the bucket. Above 40°C, the water should either be cooled with ice or changed. During fermentation, it can be used to measure the fermentation temperature.

  8. A roll of Teflon tape for sealing, e.g. if a seal becomes defective during distillation.

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Buffalo inductions heater
With the Buffalo induction hob you cook quickly and energy-efficiently. The sturdy stainless steel case makes the cooking plate easy to keep clean, and with the 26 stages you have the ultimate control over how you cook. Significantly safer than other methods of cooking, the hotplate has instant heating and a simple knob for extra heat. Only suitable for pans that are compatible with induction hobs.
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